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D-Day (Operation Overlord)
First Order Document
First Order Document
Digest of Operation Overlord
Second Order Documents
Picture of D-Day
Personal Account of D-Day
Personal Account of D-Day from Bob Littlar
Aftermath of D-Day Painting
Speech by Eisenhower if D-Day failed
Memo from Eisenhower
Third Order Documents
Movie Clip of "Saving Private Ryan"
Omaha Beach
Utah Beach
Gold Beach
Sword Beach
Juno Beach
Map of the Invasion Route
Deception Plans of the Allies
Death Toll after Operation Overlord
Team Members

Purpose of the First Order Document:  A first order source represents the root or foundation of your research.  It is something that “you cannot live without” as far as investigating the question at hand. 


Click on any of the links under the first order document heading to view our first order documents.

Source Rationale:  After each source there is going to be a source rationale.  The purpose of the source rarionale is so you can understand how each source is to linked together.